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I'm releasing Uniteness v. 0.11, main major advancement is DEBUG mode:


Images are working

I've found a way to use Yusef's shareDirectory. Things seem to work stable now. If you have downloaded 0.11 already - re-download it. (Didn't want to release 0.12 just as a fix to that).

Auto-magically reloading sources

* There is a wrapper for scripts so that they reload automatically in debug mode:

<script src="serverside/lib/uniteness-0.11.js"></script>
DEBUG = 1; // It's important to define it here
This will make 'serverside/main.js' to be reloaded on each request.


* Errors are displayed to you, but not to your visitors.

Static CSS/JS fix

* Static files (css/js) serving is semi-fixed.

Have to serve them dynamically, but at least they don't break. (Using breaks images on 5-6th access, actually when you first time you request it concurrently, i.e. when previous attempt to load same image hasn't finished - hit Reload rapidly enough 2-3 times and image/js/css is permanently broken, this is kind of fixed with dynamic serving, but can't serve images yet).

(No change in calling convention):
    '_index', start_page,
    'stylesheets', 'static',

New things
function start_page(r) {
    r.URI                 // contains '/my/humane/url'
    r.uri('/bar/?foo')    // will return '/service/bar/?foo'
    r.uri('/')            // will return '/service/' (main page URL)
I know this can be confusing, will think how to fix it.


For complexly nested this can be a way to output contents:
function start_page(r) {

Slava V. [about me]

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