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How to Debug Opera Unite apps

Try debug mode from Uniteness for easiest debugging of Unite apps.

Remember that currently Opera Unite is ALPHA software, so expect problems.

Reloading sources: (Right click your service) "Stop service" -> (Right click your service) "Start service" -> (check Error Console (in DragonFly) - read the link, it's important!) -> Press F5.

Interesting find: Reset (function that possibly reloads sources)

Sometimes you need to go as far as re-installing the service. To re-install - rename the folder with your files

If you changed config.xml - you would have to change folder name, then drag config.xml from new location, to force Opera to reload app. Otherwise you risk loading old config.xml (from somewhere in Opera cache).

Never use alert() or window.onunload in your scripts. (Newer info on onunload)

"Resource not found" error can mean just about anything. It seems it's the only error Opera shows.

So far, debugging isn't fun at all.

Slava V. [about me]

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