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Yusef library

Yusef is a mysterious "Unite Service Framework " (there was "Access Denied" on that ever since this link surfaced).

Although the links had been published, I don't think anyone actually saw what this was.

You can find the folder "Yusef" inside of mediaplayer[.us] ("C:\Program Files\Opera\unite\" is a .zip file, open with WinRar) and many others. Unfortunately it's still unclear whether Yusef is a ready library or just a collection of some scripts.

It contains reference to many "hacks", so it might not be production ready.

Inside Yusef

Inside we can find classes and functions for stuff like:

Here and below "\mediaplayer\" means
C:\Program Files\Opera\unite\
ADS(ASD?) Streams: (WTH is that? Maybe it's this , cool!)

Resource Fetcher:

JSON helpers:

Reset function

Static images serving - I couldn't make it work, so I modified it to work with "/application/" mount point (would be very easy to modify for others).

Slava V. [about me]

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