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Uniteness Debug

Debug Mode in Uniteness makes debugging much more fun, but you should turn it off in production mode, because of excessive amount of work.
1. Any errors that happen in your scripts are displayed to you (but not visitors).
Technically: it shows to user with ip

2. Each time you reload a page - all sources that were loaded with LOAD_SCRIPT (see below) are reloaded. This is unnecessary strain on your application.

Actually, it might not even matter that much, testing without reloads yields 1050req/s, where test with debug on shows 820req/s. (Which is still awfully fast)

Turning on

<script src="serverside/lib/uniteness-0.xx.js"></script>
DEBUG = 1; // It's important to define it here

To turn off, replace with:
DEBUG = 0;


You need to restart your service, if you:

* Add/remove URLs
* Add/remove any files (scripts, images, etc..)
* Switch debug mode

Otherwise you would see old versions of stuff.

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