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Persistence & databases

Right now I haven't found a "right" way to make things persistent between connections. The guess is Sandbox filesystem, but at the moment it's simplicity of usage is questionable.

File saving / loading (fileio)

This is recommended (by me) way for now (if you don't want to use Uniteness, which wraps those functions): use JSON state

The easiest way right now to add persistence is to use Sandbox filesystem, follow the link for explanation of how to make data persistent and modify basic example to remember the value.

See file_wrap.js for simple way to deal with files.

It's actually not that slow - see benchmark, use JSON state.

Key-value store

Opera has key-value store, it's limits are kind of unclear yet. See also Widget_object.

REST Databases

Opera Unite does NOT require database to work. It's more of "growing bigger" thing.

Any database with REST interface would probably work great with Opera Unite, the question is which is the simplest to use/install.

Possible choices:

1. CouchDB (REST) Bad thing: doesn't load enough data into memory (very IO-limited).
2. Tokyo Tyrant (REST) Bad thing: isn't Windows-compatible yet.

(This list included Redis, but it turns out it isn't REST)

Since I can't yet make XMLHTTPRequest to access anything, it remains unclear whether it's feasible to use those.

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