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Error Console

See Uniteness for better way to handle errors.
Error Console is a way to debug your Opera Unite apps.

Before you use Error Console, you need to enable Stack Trace:

Enable Stack Trace

Open the URL opera:config#UserPrefs|Exceptions Have Stacktrace, put a checkbox in "Exceptions Have Stacktrace", don't forget to push "Save" button below. This will make errors in Error Console readable.

Synax errors can be found only after you pushed "Stop service" -> "Start service" and then checked Error Console (without reloading the page).

Error Console

You can try to find out what the problem is in "Error Console", it is located at
Tools -> Advanced -> Error Console.
This is the recommended method for now.


You can try to use DragonFly's Error Console (and other tools too), but it's a bit quirky for me (sometimes don't show errors until I select the same context).

DragonFly is located in:
Tools -> Advanced -> Developer Tools 
You can switch to "Error Console".

Important: Choose JavaScript errors context in DragonFly. Usually it's the lowest of all, definitely one that says "widget://".

opera.postError(...) posts error to Error Console too.

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