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Distribute Your Application

If you decide to give away your application, so that anyone can run it - there are three ways of distributing your Opera Unite service (or web app):

Full share

Upload it to (but you can't delete it, if it gets approved)

The app would need to be approved by Opera staff and you can't delete it afterwards. But still it would give it widest distribution.

.zip file

Just ZIP IT and distribute yourself, user would just drag-and-drop the file. You can do it with WinRar or 7zip.

.us file from web server

To let users install your service - rename .zip to .us and serve it (even from pre-installed Opera Unite WebServer).

Test here: install (it's just a .zip file, renamed to .us file).
TODO: Write .us tutorial

To be fully standards-compliant - serve a .us file from your webserver with following header:
Content-Type: application/x-opera-uniteapplication; charset=UTF-8
Opera will detect a service and ask user to install it.

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