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Opera Unite HowTo's

This is a place where I plan to keep stuff related to developing Web Apps with Opera Unite .

I am not authoritative or definitive source for Opera Unite. I'm just a guy learning this technology.

Opera Unite is a web server embedded into Opera browser that can run JavaScript "server-side". Basically: when you run browser - you also run a website/web server (called "application") that other people can access. You can access your own application (site) too. It gives you unique URL, like that anybody from any browser can access. It works behind NAT (1 external IP for many users), firewalls and routers. ("Applications" were previously known as "Services")

Download Opera Unite (Windows):
Build 1792 (Opera 10.10 beta) Windows , more platforms

Start with Basic HowTo - it shows how to create simple spplication ("wesite", "app", "plugin") and extend it.

If you find stuff that isn't here or errors/omissions, drop me a line:

My articles on :
Gridnite - the Unite-powered multiuser spreadsheet application
Gridnite part 2: developing the formula engine

Latest thoughts:



HTTP Connections (AJAX/REST)
Key-value storage
Cron example
Widget Object
Notifications (Growl'esque)
What I meant by CNAMEs
StopLorem (Opera Unite blogging)

Uniteness (Framework)

CRUD And Static (example)
onunload / _close
Wish List
Error Console
Opera object
Opera Unite benchmark
unite_info (a-la php_info)
Request Hierarchy (like php_info)
Static images, client-side scripts
JSON State (storing data)
Headers & Redirects
/storage/ (in fileio)
file_wrap.js - File Wrapper
.us (files)
Reset (debug)
Yusef library

24/7 sites (permanent applications - idea) [stub]
Javascript Imports
Application Examples
Device Unavailable
From PHP to Opera Unite
How to Debug Opera Unite apps
Distribute Your Application
Persistence & databases
Markuper (HTML templates)
Basic HowTo: Simple app (tutorial)
fileio: Sandboxed Filesystem
Opera Unite HowTo's
Intro: Web Apps with Opera Unite

Last updated

  1. Markuper (HTML templates)
  2. .ua
  3. Opera Unite HowTo's
  4. .us (files)
  5. Distribute Your Application
  6. 24/7 sites (permanent applications - idea) [stub]
  7. Issues
  8. HTTP Connections (AJAX/REST)
  9. Cookies
  10. file_wrap.js - File Wrapper
  11. Basic HowTo: Simple app (tutorial)
  12. Static images, client-side scripts
  13. Application Examples
  14. How to Debug Opera Unite apps
  15. Persistence & databases
  16. Opera Unite benchmark
  17. From PHP to Opera Unite
  18. Uniteness (Framework)
  19. Config.xml
  20. Key-value storage
  21. Widget Object
  22. Notifications (Growl'esque)
  23. Reset (debug)
  24. Cron example
  25. What I meant by CNAMEs
  26. Wish List
  27. Device Unavailable
  28. StopLorem (Opera Unite blogging)
  29. uniteness-0.11
  30. GET/POST data
  31. CRUD And Static (example)
  32. Opera object
  33. URLs
  34. Headers & Redirects
  35. Error Console
  36. JSON State (storing data)
  37. Security
  38. /storage/ (in fileio)
  39. Yusef library
  40. unite_info (a-la php_info)
  41. Javascript Imports
  42. onunload / _close
  43. fileio: Sandboxed Filesystem
  44. Request Hierarchy (like php_info)
  45. Intro: Web Apps with Opera Unite